Whats My Credit Score?

Where Do I Find It?

How Does It Affect My Ability to Get Financed?

Have you ever thought to yourself "whats my credit score?" If so you are not alone. Many people wonder what their credit scores are, but they don't know how to go about finding them.

When you think "where do I find my score?" you will be happy that it is actually easier than you might have thought. Thankfully the process to finding out your individual credit score is really rather accessible.

Whats my credit score? When you are doing credit repair, the best way to find out your credit score is to get a free copy of your credit report. Wait, you're still thinking "Where do I find my credit score?"

Typically you are going to want to go to one of the three credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. These three agencies are responsible for keeping track of your credit record and they are the ones that will give you a credit score.

You are allowed to get one copy of their credit report from each agency every year for free. However, your score is not on the free credit report.

When you get that credit report it will help you answer the question "whats my credit score?" On the report you will see what loans and lines of credit you have open.

Additionally it will detail when they were opened, how the activity has been on the accounts, and whether there are any negatives marks on those accounts.

Generally it is a good idea to space out your requests for credit reports throughout the year so that you can keep tags on your credit score.

Why should you look at these? Unfortunately we live in an age where identity theft is incredibly common.

Many people try to gain access to others identities and use them to open credit cards, get loans, buy cars, and do other things that could devastate your financial stability.

If you are keeping careful tabs on your credit report you can immediately contact lenders at the sign of identity theft.

"But whats my credit score? I can't find my credit score on this report!"

The truth is that your credit report will not contain that magical three digit number that you are looking for.

Generally you are going to have to pay a small fee to get it, but you can get that from any of the three credit reporting agencies.

Additionally you can get your credit score from Fair Isaac who created the FICO software used to calculate it. It makes sense that you might be hesitant to pay to get your score.

However, since it is that three digit number that will dictate whether you are going to be lent money and at what interest rate it is definitely worth the small fee to find out!

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