What is My Fico Score?

What is my FICO score? If you are considering a new home or vehicle purchase, you might be thinking about your credit report and whether you will qualify for financing. In reality, there is more to be concerned with because your FICO score can determine what rate of interest you will be charged.

If you are wondering about your FICO or credit score --- you aren't alone. There are other questions to answer, when you are concerned with improving or protecting your credit, such as "What is the importance of monitoring?" Or "Is the FICO score different than a credit score?"

The FICO score (an abbreviation for the credit model established by Fair Isaac Corporation), determines the rate you will be charged on financing and what unsolicited credit offers might come in the mail. 90% of the largest banks still use this credit ranking system.

Consider that a 100 point difference in your score can mean the difference of $40,000 interest on a $300,000 over 30 years, and you can see why it is important to know the answers to questions about your FICO score?"

When lenders refer to your credit score, it is the FICO score they are referring to, because it is universally accepted.

You can raise your credit score by paying your bills on time and monitoring your constantly changing credit score can help prevent identity theft. You want a company you can trust to reliably handle your personal information with confidence, for this reason.

When you are wondering, "What is my FICO score?" you can also find a service that offers a low monthly subscription to help you monitor your progress in repairing your credit.

Not only is it possible to buy a FICO score report at a reputable company, but you can discover factors that influence your score, gain access to your credit report and monitor changes in your information or receive alerts. With your personal action kit, you can detect and stop identity theft before it happens.

When you consider the difference a hundred points can make, you are looking at least a 1% interest difference in the rates at which your loans are financed.

As you can see, discovering the answer to "What is my FICO score?" is important, financially. Repairing and monitoring your credit report can keep your identity from being stolen and if it is, you can catch it quickly.

Since the fees start around $13 a month for these services, depending on the service levels you choose, it is an affordable way to save on financing, protect your identity and you may be surprised at other things your credit score influences.

Your home and auto insurance carriers will raise your premiums, if your FICO score starts to decline, as an example.

For those that are considering the importance of a service to find credit scores or buy credit scores, you can find a comprehensive package that answers more questions than "What is my FICO score?"

You can take control of your credit scores and protect your identity, like never before. This can save you money in a number of ways.

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