Sample Credit Dispute Letter #7


This sample credit dispute letter it used for when a collection agency has been contacting you and you are requesting to only deal with the original creditor.

You job is to request to only deal with the original creditor and have the collection agency cease their efforts in getting you to pay.

The collectors may be reluctant to do this because you are "money in their pocket." If they don't collect, they don't get their cash.


[Your Name]


[City,St ZIP]

[Collection Agency Name]

[Collection Agency Address]

[Collection Agency City,St ZIP]

Re: Account # [xxxxxxx]

Dear Sir or Madam:

I request that you CEASE and DESIST in your collect efforts on the account referenced above(letter attached). I have a policy to not deal with collection agencies. I only deal with the original creditor of this or any account that I might have.

Please cease collection efforts immediately or face legal consequences under the applicable State and Federal law.

Please give this letter your immediate attention.



Collection Letter

Special Note on Collections: If you have a collection that is old and you go to pay it, it becomes current. When it becomes a current collection it negatively affects your credit score.

Mom’s advice: pay your bills on time and avoid having any accounts go to collections. If you already have an account in collections, pay it when you don’t need to have your credit score used for an upcoming purchase.

In other words, if I wanted to buy a car, I would not pay off the old collection until after I got the car loan, then I would pay it so when I go to buy a house in 18 months, the collection would be older and have less impact on my credit score.

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