Remove Bad Credit
Removing Negatives From Your Credit History

Most people do not realize that you can actually remove bad credit marks, and fix credit history that is pulling down your credit score.  With a little extra work, research, and patience, you could pull up your credit score and get the best interest rate on that new car, truck or van you have had your eye on. 

You deserve to get the lowest interest rates possible.  You cannot get low-interest rates if you have any negative marks on your credit report, so it is vital to remove them now.  Luckily for us, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act offer a lot of protection and help.

First you need to start by pulling up a recent credit report to remove bad credit marks.  You can do this online.  There is a small fee to most places, but you are entitled to 1 free credit report each year. 

You can also request a report from each credit reporting agency directly to fix credit history.  Once you have a current copy of your report you can start analyzing it. 

Remember when you are dealing with your credit report that you need to deal with each credit reporting agency separately.  Each reporting agency has their own credit report, and they don't usually look the same.

Start with any errors you find on your report.  Is it showing a late payment when you are sure you have never been late?  Is your card limit showing the incorrect amount?   These issues are crucial issues when you are looking at your credit score, but they may be easy to fix credit history. 

You will need to contact the company that is reporting the information to remove bad credit marks, and they will usually fix it for you.  It is not usually a problem, especially if these accounts are current open accounts in excellent standing.

Do you have charged off accounts, accounts placed in collections, judgments against you, or even bankruptcy?  If you do, start with your oldest account, and make a list.  List the bad accounts from oldest to most recent. 

Next you will need to write a credit dispute letter, telling the reporting agency that this information is incorrect that they are reporting and need to remove bad credit marks in order to fix credit history.  You will need to explain why it is incorrect.  Most people will say the debt is not theirs in their letter.

The dispute letters work because the credit reporting agency will need to contact the creditor and make them show proof that the debt is in fact, yours.  Many companies find this too much work to prove, so they do not respond.  If they do not respond, than the credit reporting agency will remove the information. 

It is necessary to do it with all your accounts listed.  Once you remove the negative marks, you will watch your credit report after a short time, look better!  Your score will also jump up tremendously.

Do not give up if you have not received the score you desired.  You may still need to follow up, and write more letters. 

Cleaning up your credit and remove bad credit marks, could take several letters, directed toward the reporting agency, the original creditors, and also third-party creditors.

You will need to continue to work hard towards your goal of cleaning up your credit report and getting the desired credit score.  You deserve the respect you get when your credit score is high.  Work hard and do not give up to fix credit history!   

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