Library Card Collections

by Caitlyn
(New York, NY)

Before I even turned eighteen, somehow my name was put into collections for fees associated with my library card.

Then when I finally turned eighteen and wanted to begin to build credit I found that I needed to REPAIR my credit.

I made the decision to pay the fees rather than to try and dispute the entry to my credit report.

I paid the account in full and then called the company only to find that it would still remain on my report for another two years leaving it still there to hurt my credit.

Mom's Comments: Caitlyn, that was very responsible of you to pay the fees. However, you think like many do that when you pay a collection, if helps your credit.

Unfortunately, the system is messed up. When you pay a collection, it is, in a sense, renewed. It updates and the time for removal starts all over again.

The lesson here is that if you have a collection, take care of it sooner than later. Otherwise you just drag it out longer, hurting your credit for a longer period of time.

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