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Is Lexington Credit Repair right for you? With the unsteadiness of the economy as of late, more and more individuals have to battle poor credit. People are losing their jobs and their houses are being foreclosed as well.

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You may be using your credit cards to try to make ends meet, yet as a credit card holder, you are unable to make the monthly payments.

With all this going on, your credit suffers. More and more people, like yourself, are then searching out ways to repair their credit. There is an abundance of companies out there claiming that they can restore your credit. As with anything, there are good companies and not so good companies out there.

One company that I have been associated with for a number of years has become popular in the area of credit repair is the Lexington Credit Repair Law Firm, but are they a legitimate company? How could a consumer recognize the difference between a good credit repair service and a poor one?

The first thing to look for is credentials. This means that if you are looking into a credit repair service, is it run by two people in a basement or a law firm with a professional staff?

Lexington Credit Repair is run by lawyers who know this business like the back of their hand. Another thing to keep an eye out for is promises. If you seek out someone to repair your credit and they "promise" you they can get your credit to 750 overnight, it should bring up a red flag.

Some legitimate credit repair programs can help your credit, but most do not promise miracles overnight. Be a bit leery if a service promises you the world. Lexington Law Firm does whatever it may take to make a difference in your credit standing, but it does not promise something that it may not be able to deliver. The reason behind this is that they are a legitimate credit repair program.

Something else that needs to be addressed is the cost of the credit repair service. A credit repair service should not put you into the poor house. Yes, there should be a charge for services, but not an outlandish charge.

If you are being charged thousands of dollars, take a step back and reevaluate the service. Unfortunately, there are too many services that just want to take a large portion of your money and provide nothing in return.

With all that being said, how do we know that Lexington Credit Repair service is legitimate? Well I highlighted above that they are a professional service and truly know the business. It was also notated that there is a fee for their services, but nothing that will break the bank.

What else does this firm have going for them, which makes them heads above their competitors? This firm has been established since 1991 for the sole purpose of helping individuals improve poor credit and raise declining credit scores.

If Lexington Credit Repair was not a valid institution for helping people with their credit scores, they surely would not have been in business for nineteen years and still going strong.

Something else that is very important to mention and to take into consideration when looking for somewhere to go to help improve your credit, is the fact that Lexington Credit Repair offers a refund.

An offer of a refund is a major sign to a consumer. It shows the consumer that they stand behind their services and are willing to give you back your money if they do not succeed in making you happy.

Any credit repair service that is not legitimate will not offer you a refund. This point makes the legitimacy of this particular firm extremely strong.

With all the above points taken into consideration, Lexington Credit Repair Law Firm is a legitimate service. They have made a decision to help consumers fix their credit and they stand by that decision.

If you are or have been looking for a service that can help you with your declining credit scores, turn to Lexington Law. With all things considered, they are ready and waiting to work with you to improve those credit scores.

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