I Am Glad I Pulled My Credit Before I Applied for a Mortgage Loan

by Rebecca Jens
(New Brunswick, NJ)

A year ago I was ready to purchase a new home. I pulled my credit report to make sure that there were no issues before going to a mortgage loan representative.

I found a medical bill for a co pay. I was relatively sure that I paid it , because the doctor normally won't see you until it is paid. It was for $50, and I wanted to get it off of my report.

I googled the name of the collection agency that was on the report. I asked them about the bill and they pulled it up.

I was able to reach a settlement with them. I asked them if they could mark my credit report as paid in full. They agreed and I paid via check to have a record.

The agency set me a letter about 2 weeks later. I contacted all three of the credit bureaus and started a dispute.

I tracked the disputes and was prepared to send them the letter if necessary. It was not and the item was updated within 20 days by all 3 companies.

Mom's Comments: Good work Rebecca and way to follow up with the credit bureaus.

However, if you knew you paid it, why didn't you go to the doctor first and have them check your records. Or if you paid the doctor, you may have had a payment record yourself. Receipt, credit card statement or check.

This is an instant where it is certainly helpful to keep your bank records, receipts and credit cards records for several years.

One of the things I do is to always use duplicate checks, you can get them relatively inexpensively at VistaPrint. This way I always have a copy of the check I have written and makes looking up any payment history much easier.

P.S. Duplicate checks are checks that have a carbon copy of the check for you to keep as a record.

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