How to get all three credit scores the same?

by Anonymous

Mom's Comments: Wouldn't it be great to have all three credit scores the same. Life would be easy, mortgage brokers would not pick the lowest score making your interest rates or points higher. You wouldn't have to check the 3 credit scores, you could just check one.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. If even two are the exact same, that would even be an exception. The system just doesn't work that way.

Why? Each of the credit bureaus actually houses different information. For instance, you one charge card information might not be updated and sent to Experian on Tuesday but for Transunion, it is not updated until the following Monday.

Who knows, the bank or credit union that holds the charge card or loan doesn't even report to one of the bureaus.

Or maybe you have a collection and the agency only uses Equifax for their reporting, so it doesn't even show up on the other two bureaus reports.

These are very typical scenarios of how the process operates. Trying to get all the scores the same would be a useless task.

A better use of your time would be for you to take the steps you need to take to improve all three of your credit scores even if they aren't the same.

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