How I Raised My Credit Score 109 Points

by Beverly
(Nashville, TN)

I was divorced in 2000 and as part of the divorce agreement, my ex-husband was supposed to pay all of our joint bills in exchange for me signing the house over to him.

A few years later when I tried to get credit on my own, I was denied due to my credit score. At that point I realized my ex had been paying the bills late or not paying them at all and this had ruined my credit.

I didn't do anything for awhile because I assumed I was out of luck. Two years ago I decided to purchase a car with a high interest rate to start building my credit.

I figured I had to start somewhere and even though I hated paying a higher interest rate, I knew it would help me in the long run.

I set my payment up on an automatic draft so I knew it would never be late. After paying on the car for about a year and a half, I tried to get a credit card. I was still turned down 3 or 4 times which I didn't understand, but there was nothing I could do about it.

I finally bit the bullet again and got an Orchard Bank credit card with a limit of $300. I have had that card for about 4 months now and it has already helped my credit score.

I will charge about 30% of my credit limit every month and pay the entire bill when it comes due. I know it is good
to keep a little balance on the card and I will also do that 5 or 6 months out of the year.

When I bought my car in 2008, my credit score was 590. When I applied for the credit card, my score was 646. I just received a new credit score in August and it is now 699.

My score still isn't great, but it's finally climbing. I will continue to work on it in the next few years because I would like my score to be over 800.

If you have a low credit score and need repair, I would definitely recommend the steps I took above. It has raised my score 109 points in two years!

Using the credit card has increased my score much faster than buying a car which is something to keep in mind.

Mom's Comments: Hi Beverly, raising your credit score can be hard work and sometimes divorce can certainly make your credit life miserable.

You were right in securing a credit card that could help your credit.

Although Orchard Bank. is the most well known and works when it comes to credit repair, they are not necessarily your best option. so be sure to investigate others.

From the credit scores you shared, the car loan did help and the credit card did help even more. That was a great strategy to increase your credit score using more than one type of credit over an extended period of time.

Good work on taking charge of your situation. Go for the 800 score!

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