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I managed to fix my credit score by using secured credit cards snd secured loans. I now have a good credit history and credit score, also known as FICO score). But I recognize that my way is not the only way. Jenny already shared some of her credit repair experience but I wanted her to give a few more details so we can benefit from her experience.

So Jenny, you have told us about getting rid of old information and getting some of the bad information verified (or not verified) to get it off your credit report but we really do want to know more about your success?
I've told you about how I had to fix my credit score, and now I will give you more details of what I did to accomplish this task. I went from a remarkably low score of 520 and was able to pull my score up to a 640 in about 9 months. I bought my second home, and got a decent interest rate when I did that. My score today continues to climb, because I learned how to stay on top of my credit report.

Great work Jenny, what steps did you take to have that happen?
The first step I took to fix my credit score was realizing all the issues on my report were not viewed as mine. I contacted all the credit reporting agencies one by one with certified letters telling them that it was my right to have a true credit report and these accounts that were listed were not mine. At times the credit reporting agencies came back and said they were mine, other times they just removed them without any further questions.

Sounds like you are “bucking the system”. I think sometimes people are scared to take action. Can you share with my visitors why you felt confident in contacting the credit reporting agencies the way you did?
The federal credit reporting act gives us rights as consumers. The credit reporting agencies need to validate and show proof that in fact anything in question truly belongs on their credit reports. If they cannot produce to me a copy of my personal signature, than they need to fix my credit score and remove these marks from my credit report!

How much work was it to raise your score and how did you keep track of what you did?
This entire process took many months, but a lot of organization and follow up on my part. I had to make sure that if I did not get a response from the credit reporting agency, that I had to send them out a second letter, which was clearly marked "second attempt", and document each step of the way. I was ready to take the matter to court in order to fix my credit score, and many people do go that route when they need something removed. Many people have even made money from credit reporting agencies that did not follow the correct protocol. It is crucial to truly understand the FCRA (Federal Credit Reporting Act) and exercise all your rights until your credit score is squeaky clean.

Any other thoughts you would like to share?
If I could fix my credit score, you can too. You will need to constantly challenging the credit reporting agency and demanding accurate information. Make sure you reiterate to this agency that these marks are not yours, and they must remove them. If there is not signed terms, conditions, etc, than there is no proof that these accounts are truly yours. Why should you suffer the consequences of these marks being on your credit report?

Some things will fall off from your report, so make sure you understand the different time lines that come in to play depending on what it is on your credit report. Judgments will stay on your report longer than accounts.

The biggest thing to remember is to keep a complete paper trail of everything you have said, everything you have done, and exactly what the credit reporting agency has or has not done. There are several resources on the web to help you with your letter writing, if you have a tough time putting into words what you want to say. There are known letters that are written in such extreme ways that your point comes across crystal clear. Do not give up or give in! Fight to the end and you will get the credit score you deserve. I fixed my credit score, now it is your turn!

Jenny, you are certainly an inspiration and your journey will compel others who may be thinking “help me fix my credit” to take action to increase their fico score.

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