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Find Credit Score - One of the first things that you will need to do when you decide to start repairing your credit is to not only get your credit report but find out your credit score.

You can do this by getting copies of your credit report to see where you need to start taking action to boost your rating.

A few notes. If it says the report is free, it is usually a free trial please be sure to read the fine print. You will typically be signing up for some type of monitoring service.

This doesn't mean that you can't do a free trial, it means, just be sure to read the fine print so you are well informed.

Signing up for a monitoring service, might not be a bad idea however, because you are working on credit repair When you are repairing your credit information, you do want to keep an eye on your report and the changes that occur.

Find Credit Score Choices:

  1. Get your annual free reports (no score included) at

  2. Sign up for a free trial

  3. Purchase a report and score from one of the large 3 credit bureaus

  4. Purchase credit reports and scores from all three bureaus from one single provider.

  5. Just purchase the report.

When you sign up for a credit repair service, they can usually do a preliminary evaluation based on any current credit reports that you may have in hand.

But when you decide to move further ahead with them, they will get all three credit reports from the reporting agencies as a baseline to work from. So don't feel like you have to order them yourself.

If a restoration company tells you any different, then go in the other direction, as you might not be talking to a reputable company to help you fix your credit.

There are three major credit bureaus that you will need to contact if you want the annual freecredit report.

They will send you copies of your reports and once you receive them you should carefully go through all the documents to see whether there have been any mistakes that might affect your rating.

Unfortunately, it is common to find some errors. If that is the situation you will need to contact the agency with a dispute letter to get those items corrected.

This can be done via the Internet, phone, mail or fax. My suggestion is to do it by certified mail, so you have a paper trail.

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