The FICO Score Chart and Your Credit Score

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The FICO Score Chart will hep you determine how good or bad your credit is. Having worked in the mortgage industry, I have seen credit scores all over the place. The lowest I saw was 513, the highest 800. Much below 620 and its hard to get a mortgage, or the mortgage interest rate goes up significantly.

A difference of one point in your FICO® score can make a difference in the amount of interest you are charged for a loan

Your job when you are repairing your credit is to work your way up the chart so your credit score continues to increase due to the credit repair work you are doing. So here are the score ranges.

Excellent: Over 750 credit score

Very Good: 720 credit score or more

Acceptable: 660 to 720 credit score

Uncertain: 620 to 660 credit score

Risky: less than 620 credit score

Not only does your payment history affect those scores but so do your loan and credit card balances, any collections, and the length of time you have had that particular credit account.

A good FICO® credit score can really make a difference in your ability to get a loan, a better interest rate or even car insurance. Use the score chart as a guide.

You may be in the risky category but fortunately your FICO® score is a living entity - always changing. Use the FICO score chart as your guide. Your are not stuck there, you have the power to increase it by following the suggestions that are outlined on

A number of years ago, I was applying for a loan and this would be true for today. Of my three credit scores, one was under 720 - the other two were over 720.

Just to put it in perspective, the main reason that the one credit score was under 720 was due to the fact that one of my credit cards had a balance that was over 50% of the available credit - even though I paid the balance off every month. Being over 50% of the available credit on a credit card hurts your credit score.

So although the score was only affected slightly, it made a BIG difference in my financing. The mortgage lender had to give me a higher interest rate on the mortgage loan because of the lower credit score.

The moral of the story here is to be sure to check your credit scores and credit reports BEFORE you apply for credit. Do your credit repair activities first, then apply for credit.

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