Divorce Credit Repair
Cleaning Up Your Credit after Divorce

Now it is time to pick up the pieces and clean up through divorce credit repair. You have been through a tough time in your life. Single parents know better than most people that after a real tough divorce, they have credit card debt and divorce just made it worse. 

Do not give up! Just take it step by step and you will get your credit report fixed up again.

Even single parents's need to make sure they have an excellent credit report for so many reasons.  Not just for large purchases, lower interest rates, apartments, but even some jobs will check your credit history. 

When you go through a divorce you feel like your entire world is crumbling, and then you look at your credit history and you have seen it is crumbled. Do not despair, even after divorce, credit repair is possible.

First get your credit card debt and divorce credit repair cleared up. Start by working on all credit cards you have and pay them down. If your current credit card payments are on time keep paying them on time. Pull your credit history report and you can see if you have ever been late on those cards.

Cleaning Up Your Credit after Divorce

Once you have your credit report, start working on your negative marks. Confirm that everything on your credit report is truly yours and not a mistake. Remove any addresses on your credit report that are not yours, or you have not lived in the past 5 years.

You can remove that kind of information right from their website. Do not let credit card debt and divorce credit repair make you think you will never achieve what you want.

Make a list of any of your written off marks on your credit history. If you have any marks on your report that are near 7 years, you may wish to let it fall off. Work on the newer ones, instead. You want to write a letter to the credit reporting agency telling them that these accounts are not yours.

It is vital that they collect accurate information, so they must verify to confirm that these accounts are yours. If they cannot, they need to remove them. This works in your favor!

Keep doing this until all negative marks are gone. A lot of follow up and hard work may be needed to get your report clean, but it is not impossible, no matter what is on your credit report.

Work on your open credit card accounts. Call the card companies, and talk to them. You can tell them your sob story, sometimes you will get someone who is willing to listen and help you.

Tell them you just went through a divorce, you are a single parent, and you had some rough spots, but you are truly looking to work on your credit report. Explain that the lates to their company are just pulling down your score, and you wanted to see if you can remove them.

Make sure you call them after you have had 3 to 6 on time or early payments. You need to prove you are looking to change.This process could sound tough, but if you take it step by step, you will get the credit you are seeking to obtain.

Credit card debt and divorce does not need to feel like the end of the world. Do not give up and keep working towards your goal! Divorce credit repair is extremely worthwhile when you experience getting a lower interest rate!

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