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So you want your credit reports and scores. Most people think that when you order your report, even the free annual one that by law you have access to, that you get the scores too.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

Fact: I have yet to find a company that offers your score with no strings attached.

Fact: There are three bureaus or agencies, you want to check your reports from all three as they will have different information.

Fact: If it's for free, you still enter your credit card number because you will sign up for monthly access, monitoring or some other service. You do have the right to cancel.

Be sure to order your report and scores from a trusted resource. 

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Now, these things aren’t bad, you just have to keep your eyes open when you sign up.

So here is the usual deal, you can get your free credit scores, but in order to get them you sign up for a f-r-e-e trial.

Again, you just have to be cautious when you are signing up and read the fine print.

You say “yes, I want my free scores” then you start the sign up process, again read the fine print. If there is a trial period and you don't want to sign up for the services, be sure to cancel BEFORE the end of the trial.

Of all of the companies I have checked, most have programs such as this. So what I have learned is that even when it says “F-R-E-E” you usually have to pay something somewhere. Read the fine print and you may find that you can get it for free, you may jsut have to cancel a subscription shortly after signing up.

Now, any company providing reports or scores, please, please, please read the fine print. They have to, by law, let you know how they plan to charge you.

Again, although it is advertised that you don’t have to pay for the scores, you usually have to pay for another service.

No matter what company you go with, you will usually pay for $9-10 per credit bureau. Three credit bureaus, means about $27-30 to get the information you want.

When it comes to credit repair, purchasing your credit reports and scores before you start is essential to see your progress.

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