Credit Report Dispute Letters

Why Write?

Credit report dispute letters are the way to correct inaccurate information on you credit report.

If you have a negative mark on your credit report, find out what it is. The 3 credit agencies report what they do on the information they have. If that info is not correct, then your report is not correct. The information on your credit report is not set in stone and changes all the time.

If the incorrect information is lowering your score making it tough for you to get the loan or lower interest rate. It is time for you to take action.

Contact each agency with your disputes. Any negative marks on your record are often easily removed when you question why they are there and ask for documentation.

Sometimes the agencies realize it was their fault, or for whatever reason they just remove it with no further questions. If they remove it, we certainly don't question that. We will just be thankful and move on.


  • Send separate letters to each agency.
  • Keep records of your activities as the agencies need to respond within 30 days.
  • Keep copies of your letters and documents.
  • Send any documentation you have to support what you believe to be true.
  • Highlight the information on your report that you are writing about.

I have prepared a few different free credit dispute sample letters for you. Feel free to use them as you wish.

Credit Dispute Sample Letter #1 - credit application denial and discovery of inaccurate information.

Credit Report Repair Sample Letter #2 - request of documentation that an account belongs to you.

Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter #3 - request to fix inaccurate information caused your credit to be denied.

Sample Letter to Credit Bureau #4 - request to correct inaccurate information on your financial report

Credit Repair Dispute Letter #5 - request to remove unauthorized inquiry from your financial file.

Credit Repair Sample Letter #6 - request to respond to previously ignored contact with the bureau.

Sample Credit Dispute Letter #7 - ask a collection agency to cease their efforts

Read more about the Fair Credit Act

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