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Credit Repair Help for You and Your Family
Do you have a credit repair mess and don't know what to do to help yourself? Have you been caught in a credit situation and need resources to improve your credit scores and reports? My family and I ha

Free Debt Analysis - Make an Informed Decision by Knowing Your Choices
Why would you want a free debt analysis? The answer is simple. In order to know what to do to help yourself, you need

Common Credit Repair Questions and FAQ
Help with your financial issues with common credit repair questions and FAQ.

What's New from
Keep updated on credit repair information helping you overcome bad credit.

About Credit Scores and Reports - What You Need To Know
What about credit scores? It seems like the entire world is going through a credit crisis, so you are not alone. Why? Well the truth is that many people do not understand their credit ratings

Whats My Credit Score? Where Do I Find It ?

Whats My Credit Score? Where Do I Find It and How Does It Affect My Ability to Get Financed?

Check My Credit Score - 5 Things I Need To Know

Should I check my credit score? So many people think this through the years. However, sometimes they do not get past the thinking phase. Unfortunately this can lead to some serious financial...

ll Three Credit Scores? Why Do I Need to Have That Many?

All three credit scores?? It can come as a really rude awakening. Most people know that there are three different credit reporting agencies, but many people do not realize that these agencies...

My Free Credit Score - Where Do I Find It?

Check My Credit Report Free - The Best Way

You have probably seen a number of “ check my credit report free ” ads both online and offline. How do you know which ones to believe and which ones not to believe

Buy Credit Scores - Where & How

When you are getting ready to buy a new home or car, you may want to buy credit scores from the top three credit reporting agencies,

My Credit Info and What it Shows

How does my credit info determine whether or not I get credit? Banks and financial institutions do not use only your credit score in determining if they extend credit.

Find Credit Score - What are Your Choices?

Find Credit Score - One of the first things that you will need to do when you decide to start improving your credit is to not only get...

Credit Reports and Scores - Credit Repair Essentials

So you want your credit reports and scores. Most people think that when you order a...

The True Cost Of Credit - How Much is Your Credit Worth to You?

The true cost of credit is answered by how much is it worth to you? Although credit is nothing new and has existed since before the 1900's.

Credit Card Cost Calculator - An Eessential Tool for Credit Repair

A credit card cost calculator can be a very useful tool when it comes to managing and repairing credit.I find that it really shows you why it is best that you pay off your credit cards when possible.

House Payment Calculator - How Much Will You Pay In Interest

Using a house payment calculator lets you know what you will pay for a mortgage loan. Depending on the interest rate, not only can your payments vary but also the dollar amount in interest

Debt Reduction Calculators - How to Use One For Credit Repair

It is important to use debt reduction calculators from time to time in order to help you maintain a proper financial status and assist you on your credit repair journey.

Payoff Calculator for Debt Reduction - Why Use One?

In order to pay off all the money that owe, you need to have a plan. A payoff calculator for debt reduction will assist you in developing such a strategy to help you with your credit repair.

FICO Score Calculator for Credit Repair

A FICO score calculator (also known as a FICO score simulator or credit score simulator) can help you determine an estimated range in which your credit score lies.

Fair Credit Act - Your Rights Regarding Credit Repair

You do have rights through the Fair Credit Act which is officially referred to as the Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA.

Help for Bad Credit - Do You Need Some?

Whether you do it yourself or use a professional, you want help for bad credit.

Credit Repair Loan - What Are Your Options
What do you do for a credit repair loan? Believe it or not, you have quite a few options for loans. Depending on your specific situation, there are a number of options that are open to you.

Getting a Mortgage with Bad Credit - What to do

Getting a mortgage with bad credit can be really challenging. If you are in need of credit repair but have to have a mortgage before the repairs can be done, one of your options is co-signing.

FHA Loan Requirements - What You Need To Know

Having been a loan originator, FHA loan requirements could be met by people with little or not credit. It used to be one of the best options for mortgage loans for people with bad credit.

Credit Report Bureaus - What You Need To Know

Credit report bureaus work as agencies that, in short, report your financial history. They include information on

What is FICO Score?

If you are working on credit repair, then its important to know “ what is FICO score?”

What is FICO and What Does It Stand For?

What is FICO? FICO® is a scoring system for your credit that has now developed into the most widely used credit bureau scoring system.

Understanding the FICO® Score Calculation and Your Credit

The FICO® score calculation is complex. So what I will do is give you the high points then share with you some of the intricacies to help you on your credit repair journey.

FICO Score Calculator for Credit Repair

A FICO score calculator (also known as a FICO score simulator or credit score simulatior) can help you determine an estimated range in which your credit score lies.

The FICO® Score Chart and Your Credit Score

A FICO® score Chart will hep you determine how good or bad your credit is.

What is FICO and What Does It Stand For?

What is FICO? FICO® is a scoring system for your credit that has now developed into the most widely used credit bureau scoring system.

Fix Your Credit Score - The Secrets

When you want to fix your credit score, you have some well known credit repair basics to do and then you will also have some tasks that are usually kept under wraps.

Close Credit Card Account - What To Do?

What happens to your credit score if you close credit card account? Should you close your credit card? Should you keep the account open?

Orchard Bank Credit Cards - A Good Option?

Check out the Orchard Bank credit cards, is something I heard when I first started our credit repair journey.

Secure Credit Cards ... Build Your Credit History

Why secure credit cards? Ok, so you either have no credit or bad credit. You can’t get a loan

Secured Credit Card Application - What Bank Offers It?

What Bank Offers a Secured Credit Card Application? This is where you need to do a little digging.

Check My Credit Report - Confirming Your Credit Report

Do you say to yourself, What if they check my credit report? This is a fear that is exceedingly common among people today.

Fix My Credit Score - Work on Your Fico

I managed to fix my credit score by using secured credit cards and secured loans. I now have a good credit history and credit score, also known as FICO score). My way is not the only way

Low Cost Secured Credit Cards - Which One is Right for You?

There are a lot of low cost secured credit cards out there to help you rebuild your financial history. However, I have two favorites-- one that I did the research for you.

Repair Credit Report History - Develop an Action Plan

If you want to repair credit report history, It is very important for you to prepare an action plan.

Credit Report Dispute Letters - Why Write?

Credit report dispute letters are the way to correct inaccurate information on you credit report.

Credit Dispute Sample Letter #1

Credit Dispute Sample Letter is used for a credit application denial and discovery of inaccurate information.

Credit Report Repair Sample Letter #2

Credit Report Repair Sample Letter is a request of documentation that an account belongs to you.

Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter #3

Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter #3 is a request to fix inaccurate information that caused your credit to be denied.

Sample Letter To Credit Bureau #4

Sample Letter to Credit Bureau #4 is a request to correct inaccurate information on your credit report.

Credit Repair Dispute Letter #5

Credit repair dispute letter for removing unauthorized inquiries.

Credit Repair Sample Letter # 6 - Follow Up

This credit repair sample letter can be used when you have previously disputed an

Sample Credit Dispute Letter #7 - Collections

This sample credit dispute letter it used for when a collection agency has been

Credit Repair Scams: How Do I Know?

It seems that lately there is an abundance of credit repair scams. It might be that so many people are dealing with low credit report scores.

Avoiding Credit Repair Scams - How to Spot a Scam

Learning about avoiding credit repair scams is essential information. Unfortunately, companies target people like you who are financially vulnerable and may have poor credit histories.

Clean Up My Credit - Credit Report Self Help Repair

How do I clean up my credit? Many people neglect credit report self help repair until it is time to make a large purchase.

Remove Bad Credit - Removing Negatives From Your Credit History

Most people do not realize that you can actually remove bad credit marks, and fix credit history that is pulling down your credit score.

Improve Credit Score after Bankruptcy - The Credit Repair Road

When it comes to help with credit many people want to know how they can improve credit score after bankruptcy.

Divorce Credit Repair - Cleaning Up Your Credit after Divorce

You have been through a tough time in your life and now it is time to pick up the pieces and clean up through divorce credit repair.

Understanding Credit Reports - Know Your Credit Report

The first step in repairing your credit is understanding credit reports in general. If you do not understand how to read your credit report, then you cannot perform credit repair.

How To Repair Credit Yourself

Some assume the answer to how to repair credit yourself is complex. After all, with all those professional services claiming the ability to maintain the only pathway to repairing credit.

Bad Credit Scores Credit Repair - Seven Tips

Here are seven bad credit scores credit repair tips that can really help you out when you are in a bind.

Increase My Credit Score - How Do I?

If you are saying to your self “I want to increase my credit score.

Fast Credit Report Repair

Is there such a thing as fast credit report repair? There are certain things you can

Repair My Bad Credit

I want to repair my bad credit but don't know where to start.

Credit Repair Stories from Our Visitors

Have any credit repair stories, good or bad, you can share them here.

Credit Repair After Bankruptcy - Improve Your History

Credit repair after bankruptcy is an essential task that is crucial for you to engage in after this devastation to improve

Help with Credit Repair - What Road to Take

You want help with credit repair and you hear the terms,debt consolidation, debt management, credit counseling, credit repair companies. You get confused because you do not know where to go for help.

Calling Credit Repair Book Author

Are you a credit repair book author? If you are, Mom would like to hear from you and share your book with

What is Debt Consolidation - Does It Help With Credit Repair?

You may be wondering...what is debt does it work” when it comes to credit repair. If you are thinking that debt consolidation will help you, you may be right. However

Consumer Credit Union - A Credit Repair Helper

Using a consumer credit union may be your resource to helping rebuild your credit. The most important part about rebuilding your credit is to establish new credit

Repair Credit Report History - Develop an Action Plan

If you want to repair credit report history, It is very important for you to prepare an action plan.

Should I File for Bankruptcy - A Major Decision

Should I file for bankruptcy, is the frequent question that most debtors ask themselves when they are in a deep amount of debt, that they are unable

How Does Debt Consolidation Work

So how does debt consolidation work? Initially consolidation does not help with credit repair but over the long run, it does.

Repair Credit With Debt Settlement - Will Negotating Help?

Can you repair credit with debt settlement? Sorry but settling debt by negotiating with your creditor’s is not a method for credit repair.

Credit Report Repair Services Companies - How to Find A Good One

Before you even look at credit report repair services companies, you want to be sure that you know what credit repair or restoration is. You need to learn what credit repair specialists can do for you

Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy - Understand Your Options - Part 1

his is the first in a series of debt consolidation vs bankruptcy. When we compare them with each other we can see that

Bankruptcy vs Debt Consolidation - Understand Your Options - Part 2

This is the second in a series regarding Bankruptcy vs Debt Consolidation. It is not an easy decision on which course of action to take, so I have compiled

Debt and Credit Counseling Services -How Do They Work?

How do consumer debt and credit counseling services work? If you need help an agency will counsel you to help you work with your credit or debt.

Credit Report Disputes and What You Can Do

Is your credit report in need of credit report disputes? Is your credit less than perfect? Did you know that you could fix your credit report,

After Bankruptcy Credit Repair - What You Need To Do

After bankruptcy credit repair is the first step you have to take to improve your financial history after

Bankruptcy Credit Repair - How Important Is It

The first step one must take after bankruptcy, is start bankruptcy credit repair. Though it may be true that all your

Repair Credit After Bankruptcy - Some Basics

To repair credit after bankruptcy is a very challenging yet important, but one that can be done with

Bad Credit Card Repair - What Do You Do?

When you have bad credit card repair to handle. Your first inclination is to close the account and stop using it.

Bad Credit Repair Advice - What To Do

Helpful bad credit repair advice is always needed. Dealing with bad credit is never a good thing.

Improve Credit Scores - Steps to Take

If you have had major credit problems in the past then you need to take action to improve credit scores by doing some credit repair. Not only will you need to

Credit Fraud Repair - Where to Start

Credit fraud repair is in demand as many people have heard, new avenues of technology have enabled thieves to be able to steal information.

Bad Credit Repair Counseling - What will Happen

Bad Credit Repair Counseling came about in the mid 1990s in earnest, because financial companies found that bad credit was no longer the territory of the deadbeat bum.

Lexington Credit Repair - What You Need to Know

Is Lexington Credit Repair right for you? With the unsteadiness of the economy as of late, more and more individuals have to battle poor credit.

Credit Repair Counseling Basics

Why credit repair counseling? Have you gone through enough financial problems to last you a lifetime?

Repair Your Bad Credit History and Lead a Stress Free Life

Is it time to repair your bad credit history? Living with negative credit can be

Credit Score Simulator and How It Can Benefit Credit Repair

A Credit score simulator is a great tool for understanding what changes can occur based on what type of action you take when it comes to using your credit.

Credit Restoration Specialist - Who Can You Trust

When it comes to a credit restoration specialist, how do you know who to trust? In order to provide you with a legitimate credit report repair services company, I did a lot of research

I Am Glad I Pulled My Credit Before I Applied for a Mortgage Loan

A year ago I was ready to purchase a new home. I pulled my credit report to make sure that there were no issues before going to a mortgage loan representative.

Submit Comment for I Am Glad I Pulled My Credit Before I Applied for a Mortgage LoanPaying Off Credit Cards

When buying a house I was instructed that I needed to repair my credit. I learned that I should begin by paying off my credit card with the highest interest

Submit Comment for Paying Off Credit CardsHow I Raised My Credit Score 109 Points

I was divorced in 2000 and as part of the divorce agreement, my ex-husband was supposed to pay all of our joint bills in exchange for me signing the house

Submit Comment for How I Raised My Credit Score 109 PointsLibrary Card Collections

Before I even turned eighteen, somehow my name was put into collections for fees associated with my library card. Then when I finally turned eighteen

Submit Comment for Library Card CollectionsCredit Repair: Unknown Finance Charge

I had a Belk charge card. I got it to build credit so I bought something small and then paid it off. I got a bill the next month and they tried to charge

Submit Comment for Credit Repair: Unknown Finance ChargeOne Time Settlement

I had many credit bills and just waited until they sent me an offer as a one time settlement or payment into 3 payments. It was great! I did it with

Submit Comment for One Time SettlementVoluntary Repossession

I lost my job after I bought a car. I applied for a voluntary repossession. The car was financed for $10,000. They cut me a sweet deal that allowed me

Submit Comment for Voluntary RepossessionCredit Repair: Calling My Creditors

I was in collections and had 1 judgement against me. I called each individual creditor I owed money to and settled for about 50 cents to the dollar.

Submit Comment for Credit Repair: Calling My CreditorsHow I Got My Car Loan

When I was 24 years old I applied for a loan for a car. I was declined because according to the bank I had an outstanding house mortgage that began in

Submit Comment for How I Got My Car LoanWhat Happened with My Student Loans

I was in debt to a government student loan program. I was financially unable to complete my college education and was very bitter about it for a long time.

Submit Comment for What Happened with My Student LoansHow a Voluntary Reposssession Helped Me.

I lost my job after I bought a car. I applied for a voluntary repossession. The car was financed for $10,000. They cut me a sweet deal that allowed me

Submit Comment for How a Voluntary Reposssession Helped Me.How a Voluntary Reposssession Helped Me.

I lost my job after I bought a car. I applied for a voluntary repossession. The car was financed for $10,000. They cut me a sweet deal that allowed me

Submit Comment for How a Voluntary Reposssession Helped Me.My Collection Complaint

I had a problem with a collection company putting a negative mark on my credit for something that was already paid. It was an account with Capital One

Submit Comment for My Collection ComplaintHome Loan and Credit

My ex husband defaulted on a loan and 2 credit cards that he maxed out and I had a surgery that went into collections. I paid the collections directly

Submit Comment for Home Loan and CreditGetting Denied a Personal Loan

Well recently when I tried to apply for a personal loan, I was denied the same, since I had defaulted on a few of my credit card payments. I immediately

The FICO® Score Chart and Your Credit Score

A FICO® score Chart will hep you determine how good or bad your credit is.

Why should I check all 3 credit scores?

Mom's Response: You have a very common question. Most people don't realize that the three credit bureau's can have different information and different

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