Credit Repair Dispute Letter #5

Unauthorized Inquiries

You can prepare a credit repair dispute letter to each inquiring creditor requesting they remove their inquiry.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act only authorized inquiries are allowed to be on your report. You job is to challenge inquiring creditor.

Did they have proper authorization to pull your financial history from the reporting agencies? Can they prove it?

If you are unsure if the creditor had your permission, write them. It is their responsibility to provide documentation for their behavior. No substantiation will require them to remove it.



[City, St ZIP]


Re: Unauthorized Credit Inquiry

Dear [Name of Company that made inquiry],

I received a recent copy of my [name of bureau] credit report. The report showed an inquiry by your company that I do not recall consenting to. According to my rights, you are not allowed to put any inquiries on my file unless I have consented to or authorized it.

Please remove this inquiry from my financial file as it is creating difficultly for me to acquire credit.

This letter has been sent certified mail because I am requesting your immediate attention and prompt response to this matter.

Please forward to me the documentation that you have removed this unauthorized inquiry.

If you find that I have been negligent, and you do have my authorization for any inquiries into my credit report, then please send me proof of the authorization I provided.

Thank you in advance for your attention into this matter.

Marked Copy of Credit Report

This is a really important letter. Financial institutions are buying the information from the credit agencies and soliciting us. That is where the agencies are making a lot of their money.

It is up to each of us to keep them honest by monitoring our credit report and reporting unapproved actions.

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