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Credit fraud repair is in demand as many people have heard, new avenues of technology have enabled thieves to be able to steal information.  They will take advantage of being able to grab your credit information by way of hacking into the web browsers, targeting certain shopping website, and trash diving to get store receipts.

Sometimes credit fraud can even take place by way of store employees.  It can be as simple as giving your credit card to the waitstaff at a restaurant. They can steal the credit card information of customers, and try to use as much money as possible without getting caught.

Before there is any fraud: Contact all three of the credit reporting agencies. They can put a fraud alert on your reports.  This stops just anyone to having access to your credit report without your permission. 

It also makes sure that a credit reporting representative contacts the credit report holder - that’s you  - to inform you that there is a credit inquiry being made on your account.

This way, no one can randomly get credit without your knowledge or permission.

Credit Fraud Repair Steps:

  1. If you find that you are victimized by credit fraud, you should also contact your local police.  They will be able to look up the information of anyone that is using your social security number.  They will tell you to contact the FBI, and the Social Security Agency. 

  2. Contact all your credit card companies and inform them so they can close accounts and issue new cards. MasterCard will compensate victims of credit fraud if the fraud was committed using a MasterCard, up to a certain dollar amount.

  3.  If the fraud damage has been done without your knowledge, I will tell you it may be a huge mess. Personally, I won’t even go into what you need to do for credit repair fraud. I would consult a professional to assist with the damage. 

    Using a credit repair professional  is one of the best solutions for this. They know what they are doing and it will save you headaches and time.  Reputable credit repair companies will provide you with a free consultation.  Using a credit repair company is a worthwhile investment.

  4. Start looking at ways to fix your credit score.  Even with professional help   to clean up the mess, you will still have to work on getting your credit score back into a favorable range.

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