Credit Dispute Letter #8

This free credit dispute letter is for a collection agency for an account that you have paid in full. The agency still has the account showing negatively on your credit report and you are simply asking them to remove any reporting of it so you can repair your credit.

A company is not ”required” to report any accounts to a credit bureau. It is an optional task. However, any information they do choose to report must be done accurately.

Remember to replace anything in the [brackets] in this credit dispute letter with your specific information.




[City,St ZIP]

[Collection Agency Name]

[Collection Agency Address]

[Collection Agency City,St ZIP]

Re: Account # [XXXXXXXX]

Dear [CEO name],

I am writing to you in regard to my charge card Account # [xxxxxxx] which I had while I was student at [Name of School] My purpose is to see if you are willing to make an adjustment in "good faith" in regard to what is reported to the three major credit bureaus.

I was very happy with the service regarding this account. However, I was not what you would consider the ideal customer and was, unfortunately, very reckless in how I handled my account. I should been better about keeping my records and take full responsibility for my mistakes.

I should have kept better records regarding the account and I take full responsibility. I recently became aware of my unpaid balance when I received a copy of my credit report in [month, year].

I am in no way justifying the breach of the user agreement and I recognize that payment is my responsibility.

However, in light of these circumstances, I was hoping you could review my account in which this non-payment occurred and consider removing this negative trade line for this account from my three credit reports.

When I became aware of the outstanding balance, I immediately contacted the [issuing lender] and paid the full balance.

I am providing this information not to justify why the account was unpaid, but to show that the issue with [issuing lender] is not a good indicator of my true credit worthiness. I trust that you are willing to work with me on erasing this mark from my credit reports.

I am stressing that the information that is currently being reported is accurate, (I am not disputing it). I am asking for the courtesy of a goodwill gesture by having this account with the credit bureaus removed from my report.

I realize that this request is unique and it may not be your normal policy.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act does not demand that all accounts are to be reported, only that any account reported is to be reported accurately. Thus, your company does have discretion, legally, a to remove any account it chooses from a credit report.

I trust, in my case, that you will do that for this account.

I truly appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Best Regards


[Copy of Collection Agency Letter]
[Copy of Paid Account]

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