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Looking for some common credit repair questions and FAQ. You are not alone. Repairing your financial history can be overwhelming, depressing and difficult. That is why I highly recommend using a restoration professional to help you wade through the mess.

However, there are times when you just want an answer to your simple question. You can certainly do that here.

This is set up for you to find out the answers to your queries. Whether it be about debt, credit, finances, ask away.

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Ask your question and be sure to give some details on your situation. I can't guarantee mom has the answer but she can certainly point you in the write direction.

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Do I Need All Three Credit Reports? 
Mom's Response: You might not need all three credit reports but some of the companies that you might want to get a loan from do want all 3 financial …

Should I Re-open Closed Credit Card Accounts Not rated yet
I had some credit card accounts with high balances so I closed them. I have been paying on time since I then. I was surprised that when I closed them, …

Why should I check all 3 credit scores? Not rated yet
Mom's Response: You have a very common question. Most people don't realize that the three credit bureau's can have different information and different …

How can I get a mortgage with bad credit cosigner? Not rated yet
Mom's Answer: I am thinking that you have a good credit co-signer and you are the one with bad credit. So I will answer your questions with that in mind. …

How to get all three credit scores the same? Not rated yet
Mom's Comments: Wouldn't it be great to have all three credit scores the same. Life would be easy, mortgage brokers would not pick the lowest score …

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It is so important that you get your questions answered and that you take action. Don't ignore the situation, most times it won't go away and sometimes it can get worse.

Take one day at a time and learn about your specific situation. Don't be afraid to question your creditors and/ or the reporting agencies.

Its your financial history at risk and nobody will care about it as much as you do.

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