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How do I clean up my credit? Many people neglect credit report self help repair until it is time to make a large purchase.  Maybe their spouse's financial capacity is maxed out, and it is time to use others!

Either way, it is always advantageous to do your financial house cleaning and insure that you can get the best interest rate available.  You deserve to have a decent score!

When it is time to research how to clean up my credit, you can start by obtaining a free report. Annually the reporting agencies offer this.

This helps for you to know exactly what is on your report and where to clean up credit report!   Take your free report from each agency, and see if there is any information that should not undoubtedly be there.

Do you see anything that should not be on there? Is there any information that does not belong on your report?  Credit reporting agencies are not perfect, and can mess up at times.

You may know the person on your report, or maybe someone has the same name, and their information ended up on your report on accident.  The website from each reporting agency should allow you to dispute the information and remove it. 

Since it is not yours, it should not be a problem.  If they do give you a problem, do not stop until it is removed.

Steps to Clean Up

Now make a list of all the bad marks on your report.  Remember to always think about "how to clean up my credit."

List them from the oldest marks until the newest.   Derogatory accounts will only show for a maximum of 7 years.  This is stated in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

If you have anything on your list ready to drop off your history, you can concentrate on the younger ones.  This is why it is good to take notice of the dates of when they were last active.  You may still wonder how do I clean up my history?  Will I actually be able to clean up credit report?  Even if, you have things not ready to fall off, there's still hope!

Even though, you could challenge each negative mark on one letter, it is best to challenge them separately.  The reporting agencies need to by law make sure that the information on your record is relevant and not frivolous.

They could be charged if there is any frivolous or irrelevant information on your report.  So you will want to send a letter to each credit reporting agency to challenge their information. They will need to verify that the item on it is correct.

Many people will challenge every single thing. They will send a certified letter requesting them to remove it from their credit report. With a lot of follow up and determination you can clean up most items.

A colleague of mine, Jen used the letter writing method. She states, "I did clean up my credit incredibly..I went from a 510 (head down) to 640. OMG.. It really worked.”

I hope this answered the beginning questions of how to clean up my credit. This will start you in the right direction of removing any derogatory marks from your credit report. You will be able to clean up credit report the way you would hope!

With a lot of work, determination, and patience, you will get the score you deserve, and the interest rates you would hope for. Cleaning it up now, even if there are no plans for a large purchase will have you ready in case you ever need to fall back on your credit report.

If you are not interested in doing this yourself, there are plenty of credit repair law firms out there for you to chose from. Just make sure it is a
reputable credit repair law firm.

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