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check my credit report

Do you say to yourself, "What if they check my credit report?"  This is a fear that is extremely common today. 

In fact, when I was a loan officer she would find that that was the biggest fear of her clients--the dreaded credit report. Especially with a lousy economy that puts a lot of stress on people, and their finances.  Many people lose their jobs so how can they keep up with the bills, mind you trying to repair credit.

Some people take from one area in their budget to pay others.  It has been a tough time for everyone.  Some people want to wait it out, and hope that their credit report repairs itself. Not likely to happen.

It may over time, 7 years, but do you not want to benefit now from having a terrific score?  If your financial history has suffered, where do you start?

I know how to increase your FICO score because we did.  We did some due diligence just like you are now and used secured credit cards and secured loans to increase my score and build a better credit history.

However, we wanted to be able to give you another perspective from someone who has overcome low credit scores. I met Jenny on her journey along the credit repair road and she went about working on her credit a bit differently than we did. So I thought what better way to share with you than some words from Jenny.

Jenny, thanks so much for sharing with us your success in repairing your credit. How did you start on your credit repair journey?
From experience, I started fixing my problems when I went to check my credit report.  I was able to see exactly where I needed help.  I pulled a credit report from all three credit reporting agencies and started to comb through each mark.  I was able to contact them and ask them to remove anything that was not needed.  My old addresses, phone numbers, previous employers, were all removed from my credit report.

Removing old personal information is good practice but tell us more about the bad credit issues and how you handled those.
At that time, I was able to concentrate and check my credit report for items that were not mine.  I wrote letters to the three credit reporting agencies telling them that there were things on my credit report that must be removed.  I lost a few lousy marks by doing this one time, but I was still left with a handful of marks that they claimed were mine.  Then, I sent them another snail mail letter telling them that it was my right as a citizen to see the proof that these accounts are truly mine.  I wanted to see my signature allowing the credit card companies to open my accounts.

Sounds like it was a bit of work on your part to get on that credit repair dispute letter writing campaign, what kind of results did you get? Was it worth it?
Luckily, most creditors cannot confirm, verify, or do not want to waste the time giving you this information.  I was amazed when I checked my credit report and saw that many of the items had been removed.  Anything that a creditor could not confirm with my signature was removed.  This worked perfect and sent my score exceptionally high in a few months.

I spent a lot of time writing letters, sending them through certified mail and following up with the credit reporting agencies.  It was a lot of work, but in the end, it was truly worth it.  I went from never wanting to check my credit report to making myself refrain from checking it.  I almost would say, I went through a period of wondering if this fantastic score could actually be mine.  I had a decent score before the economy went downhill, but I still never thought I would see that score again.

Based on your experience and the work you did, what words of wisdom would you like to share with us?
It is tremendously valuable to know your credit score, and understand your credit report.  If you do not have a respectable score, you should work on it.  Without a decent credit rating, you will have to pay more for any credit they will give you, if they are even willing to lend to you.  You could also lose perspective employment opportunities if they decide to pull your credit report. <br/><br/> If you work on your credit history now, you will not have to worry about any future credit pulls.  I no longer have to worry if they check my credit report, and you could not have to worry either.

Thanks for sharing with us Jenny. After we talked here, I asked Jenny for some details about the process she used and got some more great information from her on the details on how to increase your fico score.

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