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When you are getting ready to buy a new home or car, you may want to buy credit scores from the top three credit reporting agencies, because you have heard about the difference it makes in the interest rate you will pay.

It is possible to improve your these tools used for evaluating your financial integrity, but that doesn't mean you can alter your ratings by purchasing a higher score.

The fact is - you can't buy credit scores, in the traditional sense, but you can buy reports that will tell how you rate at this particular moment.

The are a lot of scams out there so you have to be careful, you want to make sure you deal with a reputable company. I had planned to tell you that it is best to buy your scores otherwise the different free sources you can get them through may be scams.

However, after my research, there are many companies that do have legitimate programs, I have changed my mind.

In case nobody has told you, it is possible to find out what your score is, and there are ways you can improve your numbers and save thousands of dollars in the interest you pay.

The question might be how to improve your credit score, through a reputable firm that can provide your scores to you, from the major sources.

You might have heard you can pay off collection agencies for an improvement in your score. However, paying off collections can actually decrease your score.

No matter what source you buy credit scores from, it doesn't mean they can help you change your financial future.

In other words, you need to earn higher ratings though proper bill-paying, because the highest credit scores are a privilege to be earned and there are a number of factors that determine the outcome.

The FICO score calculation is a compilation of payment history, amounts owed, length of financial history, new credit, and types of credit used.

Did you realize that 90% of the largest banks use your credit score to determine your interest rate and a 100 point difference can mean the difference of $40,000 interest on a $300,000 over 30 years?

For most people that plan to finance a major acquisition and those that just want to protect their credit from identity theft, discovering a reliable source to monitor your scores can be crucial.

Monitoring your credit scores during credit repair is important, but you don't want to buy scores, if you don't know where to find a reliable source.

You want to discover factors influencing your scores, how you can have access your credit report, monitor your scores and sends alerts if you choose.

When you monitor your credit scores, it also helps you detect and stop identity theft before it happens, as well.

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